A few days ago I made a post in the facebook group of “Jessore Science and Technology University” about our common thinking and the current irregularities and corruption and gave it as a hashtag #Cholo_Paltai.

Wow! This post got so many likes and shares, I’m surprised!!!

Just then it seemed that people actually want to do something good, but they don’t get any platform. We can start something new. From this, to make a real organization, in which everyone will work for change, for humanity, where ethics will be practiced. Whatever I thought, I gave the name of the organization according to the hashtag, proposed a tagline, all the roommates gave their support – “he way to the path of humanitarianism”.

Organization Name: Chalo Paltai.

Established: 25 September 2014 Eng.

Tagline: A death march on the path of humanitarian ideals.

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