A few days ago I gave a post about our common thoughts and current irregularities and corruption in the Facebook group “Jessore Science and Technology University” and along with the hashtag #chalo_Paltai

Wow! I got lots of likes and shares in this post, I just surprised !!!

It was just then I thought that people really want to do something good, but they do not get a platform. We can start something new. From this, I feel urge on my mind to make an organization, in which the organization will work for change, for humanity, where morality will be practiced. Whatever that thought, I gave the name of the organization according to the hashtag, I proposed a tagline, the roommates gave support to everyone – “The way to the path of humanitarianism”.

Name of the Organization: Cholo Paltai.

Founded: 25 September 2014.

Tagline: The way to the path of humanitarianism.

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