Nowadays, in the crowd of numerous programming languages, it is very natural that the question comes to mind that why should I learn Python? Actually the question should have been why don’t I learn Python! The fact is that most of the tools or software we use at the application level are written using the Python language. Looking at the statistics, we can see that its user base is increasing day by day. Let’s see what are the reasons behind this –

Code Readability

Python’s syntax is not as complex as other programming languages, moreover it is close to common spoken language which is easy to understand. Moreover, code reusability is very easy due to Python’s object oriented and functional programming.

Cross platform

Python is platform independent, i.e. works on any operating system (Windows, Linux, Mac), no code changes are required. It is very helpful for developers. Python allows the same code to run on multiple platforms. So you never have to face any problem with the operating system.

Library support

Python has a rich built-in library. From any type of general program to system programming or socket programming, Python’s standard library can be used. As a result, you can program advanced level very easily. Day by day the amount of these libraries and tools is increasing due to which the Python programming language is becoming more powerful and more usable in keeping with the technology. Moreover, Python’s additional data structures like lists or sets are very useful for solving any complex problem.

Robust opensource framework

Python being an open source language helps a lot in reducing the cost of software development. Python has many open source frameworks. Python is an essential programming language for those working in data science, machine learning or deep learning.

TensorFlow, Keras, Scikit, PyTorch all frameworks work in Python. And using all these frameworks you can make machine learning or deep learning easier and more dynamic.

Developer productivity

Python requires much less code than other contemporary programming languages. That is, in a very short time, creating a very complex software using only the library, which saves time, and also reduces the possibility of errors or bugs.

Career building

Python programming language has huge career opportunities. Everything can be done with a programming language. So once skilled one can easily build a career in any direction. You can do data analysis, data visualization, machine learning, software development, automation/scripting, AI development, game development and many more.

Above we tried to highlight some significant aspects of Python. Apart from the things mentioned above, Python has many uses.

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